Friday, April 29, 2011

Not coupon related

BUT! savings related nonetheless! We got a random call today from a debt consolidation place. After hearing their whole spiel, Brian and I both opted not to go with them because we are doing so well on our own now, and plus we just felt "if it sounds too good to be true...." In any case it got me to thinking, so I did call our one creditor to ask what they could offer us, seeing as this other place offered us a 9% APR. I got a lot of good information out of the girl helping me, and learned (much as B and I suspected) that the company canNOT guarantee any rates but that is all in the "fine print". Instead, they get us to sign up with them telling us all these big and wonderful dreams, only to then go back to the creditor and hope that they are willing to work with them. All in all it was an informative morning, on that front. Brian was then wondering about the Soldiers&Sailors relief Act, so we called the creditor again and learned that by submitting a copy of his deployment orders, they will reduce the APR to 6% where it will remain indefinitely! So we are excited for that, and we are excited to be moving forward with terminating the lease on his vehicle. With the APR savings and car payment savings alone, I will be able to make excellent progress toward our debt-free goal!


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