Saturday, April 23, 2011

Goal - 100 meal plan....

In my effort to build a good stock, I'm starting with the recipes for 100 meals to see where the typical "staples" come from (i.e. cream of mushroom soup, spaghetti sauce, etc) to build a good solid stock. I want to eat right while Brian's away, instead of being too tempted to just eat chicken nuggets or grab-n-go dinners each night. I also am starting to take notes on what we seem to go through regularly (B's razors, shampoo, etc) so that I can build a nice stock of that as well. My goal will be a 2 month stock, not anything that will take over our house ;)

I have about 2 weeks of meals so far, in my spreadsheet.... away I go!


  1. Great job, Yaler! About that Cream of whatever soup, give this a try - cheaper than buying it, and better for you!

    This is so awesome!