Friday, April 29, 2011

Our first shopping tallies!

Before we started our shopping trips today, I brought all the coupons I'd be using to the front of my binder, still in my little holders. I had the remainder of my coupons with me the entire evening, but left the others sorted by type. I made up a list for Walgreens based on the store ad online, and the same for King Soopers. While we were at each place, we sort of compared prices on everything on both lists, to get an idea of the savings. I sure loved having my binder resting on the cart and going through the aisles saying, "I could save on that! and that! and THAT!" LOL :)

Ok, our first trip today was to King Soopers (Kroger) where we spent 242.05. Oh wait, we didn't! In the first of our three-part shopping trip, we purchased:
- 6 jugs of Similac
- 3 PopTarts
- 2 Lunchables
- 1 box cereal
- Cereal bars
- 5 cans Pringles
- 2 Gatorade (0.69 for the big one)
- Shaving cream
- 4 thing Pampers (thank you, Toni!)
- 10 tubes toothpaste
- B's razor
- Dr. Pepper (3/$12)

All said, in coupons and rebates we spent $134. 96, with an $82 savings! It was "only" 55% savings, but it was a HUGE savings!

Part two and three of our shopping trip today was at Walgreens. Apparently, not a lot of people shop at Walgreens on a Friday night LOL!! So we were able to really take our time and compare prices, etc. I got out my lists and we got our two carts and away we went. So in B's cart I had the Walgreens in-store ad/with coupons and also my binder.

We spent a LOT here.... oh wait! no we didn't! :)
I started with my cart, with my 4 Similac. I had 4 $5 rebates, and 4 $3/1 coupons :) Unfortunately, they have to be rung up each separately.... so in between the first couple a guy came up behind B. So I said he should go ahead with his 1 item. OK - he thanked us, and paid etc. In between our almost last 2 formulas this lady walked up, so I suggested she do the same. No joke, she bought 2 pk cigarettes for like $4 something. She pays with a $20. OK, no problem. Then she says to the guy over her shoulder, "Please give her my change!" and raced out the door! So then we got $15.25 for "free". I couldn't believe it! The employee couldn't believe it either, so as he rang up the next Similac he told me my total ($2) and said, "So... I'll just take it out of this $5, I guess..." Ha! Then after that transaction he said, "Ok, here is your change," and handed me the other $13 and some change. Did my last transaction and coupons, and earned $1 RR. Still trying to figure that one out.

Brian was AWESOME - he was following the ads to the nail, and even at the register was making sure everything was ringing up right. Well it got to the batteries and they didn't ring up right (they rang up at $5.99 - in-store ad said 2.99). So the manager apologized profusely that they were out of those advertised, so he gave us those for 2.99! Also had a $1.50/1 coupon so that was a huge steal of a deal! I'm still trying to figure out RR, but I had finished checking out so I gave him my $1 RR which was cool.

All told, we got:
- 4 Similac
- 6 boxes Kleenex
- 1 gallon milk (on sale) with 1 box cereal (on sale, b/c of milk purchase)
- 3 Mt. Dew/$11
- 2 cases of water
- Hamburger helpers
- 2 Old Spice deoderant
- 4 Old Spice body wash (with coupons, and one with B1G1)
- make-up
- shampoo
- Scope
- 4pkg Pampers

67.57 (B's cart) -- minus 23.12 in coupons and WAGC FINAL total: 44.45
94.17 (my cart) -- 76.59 minus the last $7 from "generous stranger" FINAL total: 69.59
34.96 (Similac) -- minus $20 in rebates, $9 in coupons and $5 from "generous stranger" - FREE!

196.70 for only 114.04 (saved 82.66) or 57.9% savings! wooohoooo, go us!

Saving $82 as each place put a nice $164 in our pockets :)

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