Saturday, May 7, 2011

Inventory and start of shopping list(s)

I've decided to dedicate every Saturday/Sunday afternoon to do a check on my inventory and create my menu based somewhat off of my stock (which will build over time - yay!) and then create my shopping lists, plus add what I can based on sales. My goal this next week is to spend only $60. I actually think this sounds like a lot, but of course the prices on things are going up, up, up before our eyes. So I tried to give myself a cushion.

Inventory so far looks like:
Meat and other frozen
ground beef ~ 5 lb frozen (prepared)
chicken breasts ~ 1 1/2 bags
pork chops ~ 1 pkg frozen
fro veggies ~ 6 bags

Canned goods
canned gr. beans ~ 4
canned corn ~ 3
petite diced tomatoes ~ 6
cream of's ~ 10
tomato sauce


spaghetti (double check pantry)
lasagne ~ 0
ditalini ~ 1
elbow macaroni ~ 2
various others ~ 7

chicken broth ~ 2 cartons

Additional perishable:
green pepper

Staples this week
Mrs. Dash
BBQ sauce

* will indicate I can use it for more than one recipe

onion ~ 1
carrots ~ 1 bag mini
red potatoes

This is a work in progress - tomorrow I will be posting recipes and starting my list(s)!

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