Thursday, May 5, 2011

Holy unbelievable savings, Batman!

So I was just checking my local Target ad today... and voila! Similac was on mega sale! So I grabbed my coupons and my rebates, and headed out! I was able to also sign up for the Target Red card, which saves me 5% every purchase - woohoo! So I counted out I think $30 in rebates, and $10 in coupons. I got 17 bottles of Similac for $31 - go me! That was $99.62 in savings, almost $100!! Then I got home and had more coupons/rebates waiting for me in the mail. I have been so blessed with these coupons, it just makes me want to continue on and pay it forward!

Speaking of paying it forward, I went through JR's closet the last week or so and I was able to get 2 very large boxes put together, and 2 Wal-Mart bags of clothes... I was able to pay it forward to three boys : )

OK! tomorrow's post will be my recipes I'll use next week, inventory of what I have and then Saturday I will be finishing inventory and creating my weekly shopping list.

OOOoooohhhhh can't wait for more savings!

Also started a new program online that I can synch on my phone - GroceryIQ... still trying to figure it out -

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